Richard Mason

Vice President Administration WCH, Technical Officials Chair WCH, International Category I Referee IWF

Richard’s love of weightlifting began with….love.

After meeting Susanne Dandenault, Richard’s involvement in weightlifting began as an entrant in weightlifting competitions in the early 2000s.

To spend more time with Susanne, he started working out with the athletes with Winnipeg’s Brick Gym Club and it was apparent to all that with Richard’s speed, strength and level of general athleticism that his contributions to the sport would be elsewhere.  He competed a number of times locally to boost the club’s participation numbers.

He soon found himself in the familiar position of studying the rulebook.  Already a busy volleyball referee working with some of the best in the World, Richard took the same approach to reading and understanding the weightlifting rules as his volleyball colleagues who served internationally.  Under the direction and tutelege of IWF Category referee Joe Landreville, he refereed at as many local weightlifting meets as possible, eventually earning opportunities at Regional and National meets.  When Richard first qualified to add International events to his calendar, he contacted colleagues in the United States and began volunteering at USAW National meets as well as continuing to serve at Canadian National meets.

Richard has been appointed as the Speaker at Youth, Junior and Senior World Championships.  To date, Richard has served as Speaker at two Commonwealth Games, two Pan American Games and at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The VP Admin role is Richard’s first elected office in weightlifting, but he served for years as the Vice President of the Manitoba Volleyball Association.

Richard is self employed.  He is a former radio newscaster, radio reporter, TV anchor, TV reporter and Television newswriter and producer.

Richard is married to multiple National weightlifting champion in the 75+ kilo category, Susanne Dandenault and has two children Nash and Reese.