How to Organize a Competition

You can use this information to assist you in preparing to host a weightlifting competition. This is meant as a guide only.


60 Days Before
  • Complete Event Registration Form and distribute via your Provincial Sport Association (PSO) Secretary or other PSO executive member
  • If the event is subject to doping control (SDC), submit Registration Form to your PSO VP Technical to complete and submit the SDC application.  
35 Days Before

Confirm with your PSO VP Technical that:

  • SDC application submitted to SDC; and
  • competition listed on the PSO/WCH Competition Calendar
5 – 15 Days Before
  • Create start list
  • The day after registration closes, submit list of entries to your PSO Secretary to confirm all lifters are members in good standing of the PSO. In the event any entered competitors are not members in good standing with the PSO, the PSO Secretary will instruct the meet director on what must be done prior to the event.
  • Review start list with your PSO Officials Chairperson and confirm PSO Officials Chairperson will prepare the competitor cards complete with name, age, club, and weight class and extra blanks ÿ Provide start list to all participates, coaches, officials via PSO Secretary/executive member
  • Complete a list of assets needed and submit to PSO VP Technical
  • Determine possible number of medals needed and request from PSO VP Administration
  • Call for volunteers such as loaders, set-up, take down and for SDC if required 3 Days
  • Confirm all volunteer and officials positions filled for event and each person understands duties
  • Pick up medals
  • Set up competition scoreboard system
  • Input lifters into the system
  • Confirm loading sheets in stock
  • Prepare awards for best lifter, male and female
 1 Day Before and Day of Event
  • Bring tools and equipment for set up which may include: wax, impact drills, hammers/mallets, pry bar, extension cords (suggest 3), punch, wrenches, table/chairs for officials, loaders, spectators, etc.
  • Set up competition area, warm up area and spectator area including extra equipment like chalk stands
  • Set up platforms, weights and chairs
  • Set-up light system or use of flags (recommend having flags with light system in the event of failure)
  • Set-up marking system-computer
  • If applicable, set-up/install black drapes, hang flags and PSO/club banner
  • Set-Up Scale and back up scale
 For Officials
  • Competitor cards completed with name, birth date, class, and club; include some blank cards 
  • Pencils/pens per competition protocol (score sheet)
  • Pick up officials/volunteer refreshments (water, coffee/coffee supplies, lunch, etc.)
Post Event
  • First business day after the competition, provide VP Technical and/or Officials Chairperson the results in the official WCH Excel spreadsheet for submission to WCH (official WCH Excel spreadsheet available from VP Technical)
  • Within seven (7) days of competition, return all PSO assets, advise VP Technical if any damage at or before time of return.
  • If National records were achieved, submit the form to the WCH for recognition