Hannah Kaminski

2020 Pan American Championships

Q1: What was the first competition where you represented Team Canada? When was it?

I represented Canada for the first time at the 2019 Pan American Championships in Guatemala.

Q2: Did you compete in other sports before weightlifting? If yes, which ones and at what level?

Before I began weightlifting I was a national level wrestler.

Q3: Why do you compete in weightlifting?

Competition gives me an outlet to test my mental and physical strength.

Q4: What do you most enjoy about training?

The thing I enjoy the most about training is the routine it gives me. I love that training brings a new challenge everyday that I need to learn to overcome. I love the endorphins associated with training. It’s hard for me to pick just one thing that I enjoy the most, because training is the best part of my day, everyday.

Q5: What do you enjoy the least about training?

How sore my thumbs get from hookgrip!

Q6: What are your short term goals for weightlifting (1-2 years)?

I want to represent Canada at the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Q7: What are your long term goals for weightlifting? (3 + years)

I want to total 200kg at 55kg bodyweight.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment in weightlifting?

My proudest moment in weightlifting thus far is qualifying for the 2020 Pan American Team. The qualifying total was close to my all time best snatch and clean and jerk, and I knew I had to have a near perfect day in order to hit those numbers.

Q9: What are your top 3 achievements in weightlifting so far?

Number 1. Standing on the podium at Canadian Senior Nationals in 2018.

Number 2. Representing Canada on the international stage.

Number 3. Clean and jerking 100kg in competition for the first time at Alberta provincials in 2019.

Q10: Are you currently studying or working in addition to your weightlifting career? If yes, what are you doing?

I am a nursing student. I am also a certified nutrition coach, Crossfit coach, and weightlifting coach!

Coach: Mac Read

Weight Category: 55 kg

Favourite Lift: They are both my favourite!

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta