Quinn Everett

2020 Pan American Championships

Q1: What was the first competition where you represented Team Canada? When was it?

Las Vegas International Open – 2019.

Q2: Did you compete in other sports before weightlifting? If yes, which ones and at what level?

I played football growing up until 2015. I played at the university level for Mount Allison University and then professionally in the CFL for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

Q3: Why do you compete in weightlifting?

When my football career ended I struggled with not being competitive in something. It felt like this “purpose” that I basically dedicated my life to had just ended, and I needed something to fill that void. I knew I always loved training and I figured strength sports would suit me well.

Q4: What do you most enjoy about training?

That you can work hard for days, weeks, months, years, etc. to put a kilo on your best lift. Then when it’s all over, you get to do it again.

Q5: What do you enjoy the least about training?

Any sort of “up” – sit ups, chin ups, standing up out of my chair.

Q6: What are your short term goals for weightlifting (1-2 years)?

Among the many I have, break the 109+ Canadian records, and represent Canada at the Pan Am Games in 2023.

Q7: What are your long term goals for weightlifting? (3 + years)

Empty the tank.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment in weightlifting?

Don’t really have one.

Q9: What are your top 3 achievements in weightlifting so far?

Number 1. 

Number 2. 

Number 3. 

Q10: Are you currently studying or working in addition to your weightlifting career? If yes, what are you doing?

I graduated from Mount Allison University (Mountie PRIDE) with a B.Comm in 2015. Since then I took over the family business. I’m a commercial waterproofing contractor – a specialized subtrade in the commercial construction industry here in Halifax.

Q11: What are your plans after your weightlifting career is over?

Retire with hopefully minimal knee pain.

Q12: Who is your weightlifting role model and why?

Not sure if a role model is a good word for it. But I’ve always enjoyed watching Ian Wilson from USA lift.

Coach: Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

Weight Category: 109+ kg

Favourite Lift: Clean and Jerk

Hometown: Halifax, NS