Alex Bellemarre

2020 Pan American Championships

Q1: What was the first competition where you represented Team Canada? When was it?

Junior worlds, it was in June 2015.

Q2: Did you compete in other sports before weightlifting? If yes, which ones and at what level?

I played hockey from a young age up to 8 years old. I wasn’t really good at it, so I played at a low level of competition.

Q3: Why do you compete in weightlifting?

I compete in weightlifting to lift heavier than yesterday.

Q4: What do you most enjoy about training?

I like to face a problem and then fine a solution about how to resolve this situation. It is really straight forward as I am the one who really got power over my performances, so if I do a good performance I should continue to work hard and if I don’t, I got to work harder and smarter.

Q5: What do you enjoy the least about training?

The way that weightlifting works, you use almost every part of your body almost every day. So, because of that, if you injure a part of your body you will either have to try to work around it or learn to lift with pain, that’s the thing I like the least.

Q6: What are your short term goals for weightlifting (1-2 years)?

I’d like to go to the Commonwealth games in 2022.

Q7: What are your long term goals for weightlifting? (3 + years)

I’d like to qualify for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment in weightlifting?

When I pulled out my best total at the Quebec provincial in fall 2019. I wasn’t prepared for it since I came back from the senior worlds only a couple weeks before. That showed me that I still had some room to grow.

Q9: What are your top 3 achievements in weightlifting so far?

Number 1: 184 kg | 405 lbs clean and jerk

Number 2: Forth at the 2019 senior Pan American championship

Number 3: Bronze medal at the 2020 World Cup in Rome

Q10: Are you currently studying or working in addition to your weightlifting career? If yes, what are you doing?

I am actually studying at the University of Montreal in kinesiology.

Q11: What are your plans after your weightlifting career is over?

I’d like to work with athletes as a kinesiologist to help them reach theirs goals.

Q12: Who is your weightlifting role model and why?

My role model is George Kobaladze, I remember seeing him compete at the senior national when I was still at the beginning of my career and I was really impressed by how much he lifted.

However, what shocked me the most is that when I talked to him, he was very friendly and he didn’t make me feel like he was the champion.

Coach: Jean-Patrick Millette

Weight Category: 81kg

Favourite Lift: Snatch

Hometown: Macamic, Quebec