Georgia Cameron

2021 Junior Pan American Championships

Q1: What was the first competition where you represented Team Canada? When was it?

My first competition representing Team Canada will be at the 2021 Junior Pan American Championships in Manizales, Columbia.

Q2: Did you compete in other sports before weightlifting? If yes, which ones and at what level?

I have competed in swimming and track and field at a provincial level. I also competed in CrossFit which led me to weightlifting.

Q3: Why do you compete in weightlifting?

The competition platform gives me an opportunity to test my physical and mental capabilities. I thrive in a competition environment which allows me to intensely focus on the task at hand.

Q4: What do you most enjoy about training?

I enjoy the daily work and challenge that goes in to training my body and mind to become the best athlete I can be. I love working on technique and speed exercises to refine the movement and efficiency of my lifts.

Q5: What do you enjoy the least about training?

I train with my mom and sometimes have to listen to her music which I do not enjoy.

Q6: What are your short term goals for weightlifting (1-2 years)?

I am in my last year as a junior athlete and want to qualify and compete in as many International competitions as possible in 2021.

Q7: What are your long term goals for weightlifting? (3 + years)

I would like to continue to build strength and grow as an athlete. I want to represent Canada at the senior International level. My goals are to compete at the World Championships and Commonwealth Games.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment in weightlifting?

My proudest moment in weightlifting is winning the 2021 Junior Canadian Championships with a 6 for 6 performance.

Q9: What are your top 3 achievements in weightlifting so far?

Number 1: Earning a spot on Team Canada for 2021 Junior PanAms

Number 2: Placing 1st at 2021 Junior Canadian Championships

Number 3: My first time clean and jerking 90kg

Q10: Are you currently studying or working in addition to your weightlifting career? If yes, what are you doing?

I am studying science at the University of Victoria. I am also working as a coach and personal trainer specializing in introducing young athletes to Olympic Weightlifting.

Q11: What are your plans after your weightlifting career is over?

I plan to continue competing and being involved in the sport of weightlifting for as long as I can. My goal outside of weightlifting is to pursue a career in the medical sciences.

Q12: Who is your weightlifting role model and why?

I look up to a lot of elite level weightlifters. Some of the current Team Canada athletes including Maude Charron, Tali Darsigny and Amanda Braddock are role models of mine and I admire their pursuit of excellence and work ethic.

Coach: Mirek and Raf Korkowski

Weight Cateogory: 59kg

Favourite Lift: They are both my favorite!

Hometown: Victoria, British Columbia