Caroline Lamarche-McClure

Q1: What was the first competition where you represented Team Canada? When was it?

Junior world championship, Poland, 2015

Q2: Did you compete in other sports before weightlifting? If yes, which ones and at what level?

I played basketball in my high school team (AAA) for 5 years. After I finished high school, I decided to concentrate only on weightlifting.

Q3: Why do you compete in weightlifting?

Weightlifting is a good way to reach your goals and even go beyond them. It’s a sport that requires a lot of ethic and discipline, so it is satisfying to see your goals accomplished after such efforts.

Q4: What do you most enjoy about training?

Pre-covid, I would have said that I like the people I lift with. It’s almost like a second family! Unfortunately, we lost that chance to train together due to the pandemic. What I also enjoy about my weightlifting trainings is the satisfaction I get when I’m done: I know I did my best and I’m proud of that.

Q5: What do you enjoy the least about training?

For the moment, I would say that what I enjoy the least is to train alone or with very few of my teammates. It was really motivating to lift together, but it’s impossible now because of the pandemic.

Q6: What are your short term goals for weightlifting (1-2 years)?

I would like to compete again at an international level, but I’m wondering if it’s going to be possible to even travel abroad. 🙁

Q7: What are your long term goals for weightlifting? (3 + years)

I want to represent my country for as long as I can, while fighting for a clean sport.

Q8: What has been your proudest moment in weightlifting?

My first international medal in Poland, 2018. (FISU University world championships)

Q9: What are your top 3 achievements in weightlifting so far?

Number 1 Bronze medal University world championships

Number 2 Ranking 6th at the Panam championships, 2018

Number 3 Junior national champion (Nationals, 2015)

Q10: Are you currently studying or working in addition to your weightlifting career? If yes, what are you doing?

In addition to my weightlifting training, I am also a member of the Barreau du Québec (as a lawyer). I am also completing a master’s in Industrial Relations at my university (UdeM).

Q11: What are your plans after your weightlifting career is over?

I plan on practicing full time as a lawyer in the labour law field, as well as staying active with weightlifting and other sports.

Q12: Who is your weightlifting role model and why?

Lydia Valentin, because she is very strong, but also very girly and beautiful, which contributes to breaking the stereotypes about only masculine girls practicing weightlifting (which is not true at all).

Denis Desgranges

Weight: 59 kg

Favourite Lift: Snatch

Hometown: Drummondville, QC